skydiving in puerto escondidoTandem skydivers over Puerto Escondido.

Skydiving a popular sport in Puerto Escondido

Visitors to Puerto Escondido are likely to connect diving with an exploration of the sea floor while having a scuba tank strapped to one’s back. But skydiving is another form of diving that’s very popular during holiday periods.

Skydive Cuautla comes to Puerto at least twice a year — at Christmas and Semana Santa — to do one of their “boogies:” they bring in a plane and offer non-stop flights and jumps all day long. During those holidays it’s common to hear the plane flying way overhead, and then watch as up to a dozen parachutes open against the clear blue sky. Several minutes later the skydivers land one by one on the beach at Zicatela.

As one parachute jumper puts it: “Skydiving can bring a person close to the experience of flying, for at least a minute, as one free falls and experiences an exhilarating ride of bliss. Reaching terminal velocity at 120 mph, the body ceases to accelerate and thus it feels more like floating against the air resistance rather than falling down, creating the feeling of flying.”

The poet Citlalli Popoca wrote after his first skydiving experience, “Now I know why birds sing!”

Skydiving is reported to be one of the safest of extreme sports, the risk of an accident being very low. Cuautla’s instructors include national record holders Erendira Sanchez and her father Ramiro Sanchez, who has more than 10,000 jumps to his credit.

Puerto Escondido is one of their favorite places to skydive because of the weather, natural beauty and soft landings.

The Puerto Boogie sees jumpers leave by van from the Hotel Arcoiris and return by air a short while later. Information about Cuautla’s skydiving schedule can be found at