benito juarez marketThe Benito Juarez market offers a great selection of goods.

Your guide to shopping in Puerto Escondido

Should you feel the need to leave the beach for a while and find a change of scenery, make your way to the nearest bank machine, make a withdrawal in pesos and go shopping.

For visitors seeking souvenirs of their trip to Puerto Escondido, both the Adoquín, Zicatela and the market offer many choices. Best time to shop on the Adoquín, which runs parallel to and just behind Playa Principal, is after 5 pm when it becomes an andador, closed to vehicle traffic. Here you can find everything from t-shirts proclaiming your love for Puerto, to fine, locally crafted jewellery.

You will find many items typical of Oaxaca among the stores selling artisanal products, such as barro negro or black pottery, alebrijes, the Mexican folk art sculptures painted in very bright colors, beautiful tapestries and more. There are also many local artisans whose products range from beautiful clothing of their own designs, to fine silver jewellery and quality leather work.

Other local products include coffee, and some hotels and restaurants offer their own brands and roasts. The coffee itself is grown in the nearby sierra where farmers with very small holdings produce shade-grown, organic beans.

For groceries, there are several mini-supers, a dozen or more Oxxo stores and two large supermarkets, Super Che and Bodega Aurrera. The first, located near the intersection of Avenida Oaxaca and the coastal highway, also offers one of the best selections of wine and liquor. The Bodega is located on Calle 4a Poniente, not far from the public market.

If you want the freshest fish available, head down to Playa Marinero early in the morning and choose from the morning catch of the local fishermen.

Other shopping areas include the Rinconada (once the town’s airstrip) which is located between Playa Carrizalillo and the residential district of Bacocho and, of course, the city centre. The main street of Puerto Escondido is Avenida Oaxaca, a bustling thoroughfare of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, that is a one-way street going up between the coastal highway and Calle 8a Norte. Another street for shopping is 3a Poniente, three blocks northwest of Avenida Oaxaca, and one-way going down. The market is located near the top of the street.


The foregoing are only suggestions. Explore Puerto on foot and you’ll discover a great deal more.

• Bank machines/ATMs can be found at the three major banks located in the city centre and one near the Adoquin, and at Elektra and the major grocery stores.

• Super Che, Bodega Aurrera, the market and many mini-supers offer good selections of groceries. Playa Marinero is a good place for fresh fish early in the morning.

• Many shops sell souvenirs and artisanal products, most notably on the Adoquín and in Zicatela.

Media credit: Mane Rosales