horseback ridingHorseback riding in Puerto Escondido offers a very different perspective.

Go horseback riding and see Puerto differently

The first time I went horseback riding in Puerto I didn’t quite “feel the feel.” Instead I focused far more on my charming steed — his name, his colour — and my interesting cowgirl stirrups and my quirky reins. It had been a while, you see.

I went with Salvador, a friendly and patient guide. I enjoyed my first ride so much I went back a week later. And now (quietly addicted) and trotting along without a care in the world the cowgirl in me fully installed and operating, the whole experience was quite a different matter.

This is not seeing Puerto from a car, a collectivo or on foot.

Horseback riding is getting to see over the hedgerows and across the land, the brink of the ocean around every corner. It’s the icing on the cake!

Salvador’s rides are all different — designed to the time you want to spend on the back of the horse. He rides on the beach from Zicatela to La Punta or La Punta to Zicatela, from his house to the town of La Barra via the beach or via the peanut fields.

One can also ride from the La Barra river mouth, and the river via Camino a la Bomba which is on the inland side of Highway 200.

But they all end up on the beach, and are perfectly timed for early mornings and sunsets.

Salvador charges $150 per hour and can put together as many as eight horses for larger groups, for which he needs a day’s notice. He can accommodate beginners and experienced riders.

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Also available are horseback tours to the hot springs: a guided tour with trained horse handlers and bird experts. Horseback riding tours wind through the local scenery with the emphasis on the history of the hot springs. More info:

 —Julianne Chadwick

Media credit: Pat Courtney