View of Playa Principal, Puerto EscondidoView of Playa Principal, Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido tours: start with a walking tour

One of the best Puerto Escondido tours is a guided walking tour with one of the foremost experts on local culture, history and attractions. Gina Machorro operates the visitor information centre on the north end of the Adoquín, and there visitors can make arrangements to join the tour, held  Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

You’ll hear about Puerto past and present, enjoy a traditional breakfast, visit the market, grind some chocolate, view the process of making tamales — before eating them, tour the church and more. Learn about the Mixteca culture, the black-African roots of the region, and the local economy.

The tour costs $300 MXN per person and includes breakfast. Times are 7:45 am to 10:00 am.

Gina also offers an agricultural tour on Sundays, with visits to local orchards, an opportunity to meet local farm families and see the cultivation of crops such as jamaica and basil.

Other tours include archeological, in which Gina introduces visitors to Puerto’s “hidden history,” taking them to see artifacts such as ancient necklaces, axes, mill stones and weaving instruments, and a nocturnal visit to a local beach to witness the arrival of egg-laying turtles.