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I am so glad that I found this online pharmacy. Akim, the pharmacist, is an excellent pharmacist. He goes above and beyond to make sure you get your medications on time, and at the lowest price, he will deliver all over the Metroplex to make sure you get your drugs asap. I have paid a ton of money in the past for my Modafinil, but not anymore. This pharmacy has made my life easier because I don’t have to worry about the cost of my high-priced medication. He makes it affordable, and a lot of people in this area are looking for affordable medicines. And if you can’t get to him, he will bring it to you. You should try this pharmacy. I promise you that you will make it your home pharmacy.

Address: Cuarta Nte., Centro, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico

I called to get Modafinil and inquire about the covid vaccine and was able to get an appointment that day. The pharmacy was very flexible with my appointment because I was coming from out of state. They were quick, friendly, and professional. I would recommend (and have already recommended) SIMILARES Services to friends.

This place sucks! It deserves NO stars! I called and asked their time of opening because their website is not accurate. They told me 9 am (Friday). At 9:01, the doors are still down, lights off, computers not on, and there is no one in sight. Then at about 9:02-9:03, someone shows up and clocks in. It is now 9:03 -9:04 am. 2 minutes later, the doors open, lights come on, and it takes another 2 minutes to start up the computers. NO one can help anyone because the CVS store hadn’t brought back the money tills for the cash registers to be able to make a change or conduct any business. Six minutes later, they show up with the money tills. It is now 9:15, and they are ready to do business. NO!. When you advertise opening at 9:00 AM, that means you are OPEN and ready to do business with the public at 9:00 am. Not get all the necessary things ready after 9:00 am and let the customers wait before they can do any business. CVS sucks, and this SIMILARES sucks. Don’t expect the public to be inconvenienced by businesses’ lack of professionalism or giving a damn if they are open or not when you cannot be open on time to do business. We don’t need you. You do need customers. There are many other pharmacies out there. I transferred all my scripts out of this store!

Farma y más
Address: Calle Octava Nte. S/N, Juárez, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico

My family and I have been wanting to switch pharmacies for a while now, and with a change of insurance at work, this was a perfect time. We used to go to CVS, but the lines got too long, and there were never enough cashiers. Switching was a breeze, and all of our prescriptions have been significantly cheaper. Great to have a local pharmacy in Northridge.

My main gripe about this Farma y más and its lack of any sort of professionalism. But as you make your way to the back where the pharmacy is, you’ll often find trash and items on the floor. When you finally make it to the pharmacy, the odds are very high that no one will say hello to you. My Rxs were always late or not ready yet despite their system bombarding your phone with calls. Last time I couldn’t get Modafinil when I desperately needed it. If you try and call ahead to confirm if your Rx is ready, you’ll probably need to block 15-20 min on your schedule for the hold, and then once they answer, you can get expert curt, short answers as if your call is just a nuisance to them. I don’t think anyone expects a hug and a high five from their staff, but there is much room for improvement in terms of customer service from this pharmacy.

Farmacia Oaxaca
Address: Reforma, 71994 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Phone: +52 954 150 3428

I love this Farmacia Oaxaca location because of many reasons. First, the beautiful fresh flowers right by the entrance immediately make my senses feel better. The stock is plentiful, and there are always things on sale with competitively low prices. The pharmacy staff has always been fast, accurate, helpful and some of them call me by name. They are very hard workers trying to give vaccinations and service prescriptions. Farmacia Oaxaca should rethink how staffing is resourced.

COSMETIC DEPT: Extremely poor customer service and management. The manager was unfriendly, unkempt, aggressively non-helpful in attitude, and neglectful of the front counter (due to unpacking stock in the 1st aisle, without frequently checking for waiting customers). After being called to the department counter via phone, they refused service to exchange w/o receipt for store credit of SEALED UNUSED UNOPENED products carried within the store. Products, i.e., “Degree” Deodourant and “Rimmel” Brow Filler, “Nivea” Essential Lip Balm, “Lancome” eye make up remover, and “DUO” false lash glue. I’m ok that they refuse to exchange 200 mg Modafinil, but not with these ones. Will not be returning to this local department for any future purchases, will choose a Kingston location, due to inconsistent customer service standards (per employee) would not recommend shopping here if in need of assistance from a sales associate or Suzi, the manager of cosmetics. Her extremely poor attitude in aiding shoppers was discouraging. The manager is also highly inattentive to customer service and the overall monitoring of the department.

Nutricosta Comercializadora Naturista & Esotérica
Address: Novena Nte., Juárez, 71984 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico
Phone: +52 954 100 5512

I had some trouble getting my Modafinil for a while, but they’ve been helpful in correcting the situation. They are being proactive, so I don’t continue to have the same issues when I go pick up. Thank you, Nutricosta Comercializadora Naturista & Esotérica, for listening to me and helping me get what I need to feel better!

I come in here regularly and got accused of stealing. I noticed the protein price seemed high, so I scanned it on my phone to compare. When I went to leave, they asked if I had taken anything. The manager told his brown employee to stop me at the door if I didn’t buy anything. I let him inspect my bag, and I left. The employee was so uncomfortable doing it that I felt terrible for him. I passed the cops on the way out. They really planned to have me arrested for taking a photo of a product. They need to do better.