viva aerobusViva Aerobus flight is "baptized" on its inaugural run to Puerto Escondido in July 2011.

How to get to Puerto Escondido

How to get to Puerto Escondido? You can travel direct by air from either Mexico City or Oaxaca city, and Puerto’s airport is a five-minute drive from the city centre. Aeromar, Interjet and Viva Aerobus provide regular service to and from Mexico City, while Aerotucan offers daily service to Oaxaca, a scenic 50-minute trip.

Another option is to fly into Huatulco, an hour and a half drive down the coastal highway, where Interjet offers regular service from Mexico City, and several charters bring travellers from the United States and Canada.

If you’re travelling by road, Highway #200 connects with Acapulco to the northwest and Huatulco to the southeast.  The road between Puerto and Acapulco is littered with topes, or speed bumps, and the trip takes about seven hours.

Highway 131 (via Sola de Vega) links Puerto with the city of Oaxaca, and the route can be rough at times on a winding mountain road. When the road is in good condition the trip can take about six hours. Major roadwork is being done as this is written (winter 2012).

The town of San Pedro Juchatengo is about half-way between Puerto and Oaxaca, making it a good place to stop for a rest, and there are several places to eat.

This is the route used by visitors making the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Juquila in the town of Santa Catarina Juquila.

Highway #175 also links Puerto with Oaxaca city, via Pochutla, and is another winding, mountain road, with some spectacular views. It takes about nine hours. A good place to stop en route is the mountain village of San Jose del Pacifico.

Bus lines ADO and Turistar offer regular bus service linking Puerto Escondido with Oaxaca and Mexico City. Buses are clean and comfortable, and relatively inexpensive.

• By air: From Mexico City or Oaxaca city direct to Puerto or Huatulco

• By road: From Acapulco, Oaxaca city or Huatulco

• By bus: From Acapulco, Oaxaca city or Huatulco

• By van: Several van services operate out of Puerto, offering economical transportation to Oaxaca, Pinotepa Nacional and Pochutla.

• Getting around: There is good local bus service, countless collectivos and taxis a plenty, and all are reasonably priced.

Media credit: Mane Rosales