Getting to know Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a city of many parts. Its population of about 45,000 is spread between the residential district of Bacocho in the northwest and La Punta, the farthest point of land you can see in the southeast when standing on the beach at Playa Principal or Zicatela.

It consists of the bustling city centre, located above the coastal highway. Between Playa Carrizalillo and Bacocho is the more relaxed shopping area known as Rinconada, once the town’s airstrip and now a wide,  four-lane boulevard with a line of shops and restaurants along one side. Below the Puerto Escondido city centre and just above Playa Principal is the Adoquín, a commercial area with many shops, restaurants and hotels and the visitor information centre operated by Gina Machorro, known as “the information goddess” of Puerto. Most of the restaurants are located on the ocean side of the street and offer wonderful beachside dining.

Heading southeast you’ll arrive in Zicatela, one of the world’s top surfing destinations, where the waves can be enormous. Between the rocky outcrop that separates Playa Marinero from Zicatela are a few miles of beautiful sandy beach. Along a part of that stretch of gorgeous sand you’ll find lots of shopping and services, and plenty of excellent restaurants and hotels. Continue on down to the beach and you’ll come to La Punta, a fast-growing and relatively new community, many of whom are surfers.

And so ends your introduction to Puerto Escondido, Mexico’s best beach town! We invite you to continue your exploration through these pages and then in person. And later we’ll see you on the beach!