Diving in Puerto Escondido: a diverse world

During the winter months in Puerto Escondido the sea calms down, the waves get smaller and the water becomes even clearer! This is when Puerto Escondido turns into a diving paradise and offers great conditions to discover the underwater world.

From November to April you can observe the rich diversity of colorful fish, like butterfly fish, angelfish, trigger, parrots, puffers, stone fish, groupers, and many others, just a few metres under the surface. And there’s more: for example the giant manta rays, different kinds of moray eels and three different species of turtle. You can easily see a lot by snorkeling, but to see it all you have to get a bit deeper.

The answer is scuba diving which you can learn in one of Puerto’s dive centers. At Deep Blue Dive, for example, which is located at the Hotel Ines in Zicatela owner Lorenzo Bini offers tours and courses for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced diver. The one-day course Discover Scuba Diving is a great opportunity to learn more. This course includes theory, an introduction to the equipment in the hotel pool and one dive.

The chosen dive spot depends on weather conditions.  Two great places are Punta Colorada and Roca Blanca. What kind of fish you can see also depends on the dive spot, because there are places with volcanic stones, but there is also coral, which creates a different living environment. For advanced divers there is night diving, open water dives, certification courses or tours where you can also see dolphins and humpback whales.

Puerto is all about beaches, plus what lies beyond.