Distribution info for Puerto Escondido magazine

Puerto Escondido magazine delivers your advertising message to visitors and residents through 160 pick-up points in Puerto Escondido, and several hundred more on top of that, from Huatulco to Mexico City, from Veracruz to Victoria, Canada.


We know distribution is no less important than content.

So our biggest challenge is putting Puerto Escondido magazine into the hands of people who want information about the area. Not only are we in 160 locations in Puerto itself but in travel agencies, visitor information centres, hotels and retail outlets from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, to Victoria, Canada.

Here is our monthly distribution list by location, type of distribution and number of copies.

Puerto Escondido 160 pick-up points 1,950
México DF 200 travel agencies 300
Oaxaca de Juárez 7 tourist info booths, hotels, retail outlets 400
Huatulco Hotels & restaurants 200
Aerotucán Seat pockets, checkin counters 200
Puebla Info booths, 100 travel agencies, hotels 300
Veracruz 2 travel agencies 30
Xalapa 1 travel agency 10
Orizaba 1 travel agency 10
Acapulco 6 info booths 200
Tuxtla Gutiérrez 6 travel agencies 50
San Antonio, Texas 2 travel agencies 50
Victoria, Canada 2 travel agencies 50
TOTAL   3,750