fiestas de noviembre

Fiestas de Noviembre bring many special events

The 2014 edition of the Fiestas de Noviembre in Puerto Escondido begins October 25 and finishes up on November 29, with events ranging from a mezcal festival to a marathon.

The annual Fiestas de Noviembre actually run from November 1-29, but two competitions linked to the annual celebration are in October: on the 25th, the contest for Miss Puerto Escondido 2014, starting at 8:00pm, and on the 26th the contest for Miss Chiquitita 2014, which begins at 6:00pm. Both events take place at the Agencia Municipal.

Following is the complete schedule for the November festivities.

November 1: Official inauguration at 8:00pm. Agencia Municipal.

November 2: Gastronomic display at 1:00pm at Playa Manzanillo. Altars competition on the Adoquín at 5:00pm.

November 4-9: International surf tournament at Playa Zicatela.

November 7: Children’s guelaguetza at 8:00pm at the Agencia Municipal.

November 7-9: Mezcal Festival, 6:00pm on the Rinconada.

November 8: Gym Team school at 6:00pm, Agencia Municipal.

November 9: Miss Bikini contest, Playa Zicatela at noon.

November 12: Break dance and tae kwan do exhibitions at Playa Zicatela at 5:00pm.

November 14: Harpoon fishing tournament, 8:00 am at Bahía Principal.

November 14-16: Festival of the Dance, 7:00pm at the Agencia Municipal.

November 15: First international half marathon, 5:00pm on the Adoquín. “Petin Ollin” at Playa Zicatela at 7:00pm.

November 16: National motocross race at Pista Cierro de la Vieja at 9:00am. Gastronomic display at Playa Zicatela at 5:00pm.

November 17-23: Artisan fair and expo at 4:00pm, Agencia Municipal.

November 20: Parade of the Mexican revolution on city streets at 7:00am.

November 21-23: International sportsfishing tournament, Bahía Principal at 7:00am.

November 21: Boxing match at Playa Zicatela at 5:00pm.

November 22: Auto-tunning exhibition at Pista Playa Puerto Angelito at 5:00pm. Free-style motocross at the Unidad Deportiva at 7:00pm..

November 23: Auto-tunning exhibition at Pista Playa Puerto Angelito at 9:00am.

November 25: Gastronomic festival at the market at 2:00pm.

November 27 and 28: McCarty’s Green Tide Music Festival at 7:00pm, Playa Bacocho and Bahía Principal.

November 27: Artisans’ exhibition at Playa Zicatela at 5:00pm.

November 28: Zumba exhibition at 5:00pm and Papalotes contest at 6:00pm, both at Playa Zicatela.

November 29: Closing ceremony at Playa Zicatela at 5:00pm.